Insight Engineering is a Geelong-based automation and electrical engineering drafting and design firm servicing clients locally, nationally and internationally. Our team of highly motivated professionals specialises in all areas of electrical engineering and design. Insight Engineering has been delivering quality systems since 1989 and we have worked with a diverse range of industry sectors both domestically and internationally, from food and beverage through to automotive manufacturing.

Along with our engineering skills, Insight Engineering has a strong understanding of the electrical industry through experience in electrical engineering design services, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We provide a wide range of electrical engineering services including PLC systems development, SCADA and HMI systems development, RTU and telemetry systems development and MES system development.

Insight Engineering also provides support and expert advisory and training services including construction and installation supervision, plant commissioning and operator training, ongoing engineering (support and design), energy and building assessments, safety systems and automation training.

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At Insight Engineering, we aim to achieve electrical engineering outcomes in partnership with our clients. We are a client-focused firm, born out of integrating specialised electrical engineering with existing business to create innovative solutions.

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs and providing the best possible advice on the most efficient way to tackle an electrical project. Insight Engineering employs the best people in the industry to provide the skills and knowledge required to deliver the best electrical engineering services, advice, training, assessments and support.

For more information about Insight Engineering or to inquire about our services, contact us in Geelong.