Carbon Revolution

May 13, 2016

Innovative technology gives manufacturing new future

The Challenge

When the team at Insight Engineering was approached to create a solution to assist the manufacturing sector in tracing every item from production through to client acquisition, we jumped at the chance.

The Client

Carbon Revolution had successfully created the world’s first one-piece carbon fibre wheel. The company had reduced the weight of automotive wheels by up to 50 per cent, when compared with conventional steel and aluminium wheels. They were seeking an equally innovative engineering firm to custom build a traceability system for their soon-to-become large-scale manufacturing business.

The Process

Insight Engineering engaged specialist team members to review the manufacturing process undertaken by Carbon Revolution. They then designed a system that enabled a user to review each stage of the process utilising everyday technology – a tablet or desktop computer.

The Outcome

Insight Engineering developed a Radio Frequency Identification System that:

  • Is easy to use – it can be fully operated from a desktop or tablet device
  • Allows the user to trace all stages of production to delivery
  • Enables easy access to a product’s manufacturing and delivery history
  • Can be adapted to almost any manufacturing industry sector
  • Provides the manufacturer confirmation of quality assurance requirements

Insight Engineering has created an innovative custom design solution for Carbon Revolution that far exceeds the requirements of an automotive OEM supplier. Process traceability and control data is now at the fingertips of all plant personnel. It is also very exportable and appealing to organisations and industries outside of automotive.” Greg Lindsay, Carbon Revolution manufacturing director.

The Possibilities

The Radio Frequency Identification System has not only fulfilled the brief but exceeded expectations with its potential to be used across a range of industries. Like the client, Insight Engineering is proud to have been involved in developing a solution that combines manufacturing innovation with technological innovation.

For more information on the Traceability System developed by Insight Engineering, please contact Insight Engineering operations manager Richard Loth on +61 03 5244 0445 or email