Gold-plated Insight

July 15, 2021

Becoming a Premier Integrator with Ignition (and Inductive Automation) is no mean feat. And yet Insight Engineering continues to forge ahead with further accolades to add to its already heavy swag-bag: Luke Treloar is their latest employee to achieve Ignition Gold Certification, joining his colleagues Ben Hutchins, Timothy Hinrichsen, and Sam Bartlett who already hold theirs.

What does it take to be a Premier Integrator with Ignition?

Inductive Automation Premier Integrator status is a highly esteemed and sought-after level awarded only to Integrators demonstrating a high level of commitment, professionalism, and competency using Ignition software. Premier status is the elite of Integrators and, as such, they have proven their partnership with Inductive Automation through their technical expertise and continued successful Ignition projects. Insight Engineering is such a company.

Insight Engineering is a Geelong-based Control Systems and Electrical Engineering firm servicing clients locally, nationally, and internationally. Their team of highly motivated professionals specialises in all areas of control systems, electrical engineering and design. Insight Engineering has been delivering quality systems since 1989 and they have worked with a diverse range of industry sectors, from food and beverage through to advanced manufacturing.

They provide a wide range of electrical engineering services including PLC systems development, SCADA and HMI systems development, RTU and telemetry systems development and MES system development.

They also have expertise in Functional Safety of Machines and Hazardous Area Assessment and Design.

In addition, in order to maintain their Premier Integrator status, Insight Engineering must also have 2 or more engineers who are Gold Certified – and they now have four! With Luke being the latest engineer to receive his Gold Certification Award on 6 July.

What does Gold Certification mean?

Inductive Automation offers ‘Inductive University’ to provide up-to-date training in Ignition. Once you have taken the Core Certification Test and feel familiar with the advanced features in Ignition, you can challenge yourself by taking the Gold Certification Test. The Ignition Gold Level Certification Test covers more advanced features of Ignition: advanced architectures, tag historian and compression, redundancy, SQL databases, troubleshooting error messages, and more.

You can log in to the Certification Status page in your Inductive Automation account to request, download, and learn more about the certification test. Generally, tests will take around 8 hours to complete and can be divided up over the course of several days or weeks.

Once you are Core or Gold Certified, staying current is easy. Any time a major version of Ignition is released, you just need to cover the newest challenges in Inductive University and take the special upgrade version of your current certification test level. You can check on the status of your credential progress and download update tests by logging into the Certification Status page.

Insight into Luke (no pun intended)

Luke Treloar is a 24-year-old Electrical/Automation Engineer who has been with Insight Engineering for 2 years.

In his first year he was working as a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) student as part of his degree – Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Upon graduation, he was fortunate enough to be offered a job at Insight Engineering as an Electrical/Automation Engineer, and commented,

‘I must admit I have been lucky walking into a business that pushes for best of breed software. Ignition is great and will continue to be in the future as it’s very powerful with endless possibilities.’

Being Gold Certified is part of the high standard set at Insight Engineering, where they value their people being up-to-date with the release schedules to utilise the ‘latest and greatest’ tools available.

Well done Luke and congratulations to Insight Engineering for fostering an environment where employees continue to strive and grow to the best of their ability.