Energy efficiency building assessments

At Insight Engineering, our energy efficiency building assessments will provide your business with the tools to reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions. On top of an assessment by Insight Engineering’s accredited energy efficiency auditors, we can supply our energy dashboard that enables businesses to monitor usage and ensure energy optimisation into the future. The energy efficiency building assessment can include data usage at your facility for:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Compressed air
  • Steam

A full report advising how to optimise your usage will be delivered at the end of the energy efficiency building assessment process by our team who are NABERS (National Australia-Built Environment Rating System) accredited. This information is provided in a format that is invaluable when applying for Clean Energy Future and Low Carbon Australia grants or finance. Once the optimisation is complete, you have the option to install our energy dashboard. This dynamic tool reports your facility’s energy usage both in real time and historically. It will also provide you with cumulative costs of your energy usage as required.

For more information about our energy dashboards, read our energy audit and optimisation brochure.

An energy efficiency building assessment with Insight Engineering can assist you to build a business case highlighting the long-term benefits both for your business energy use, and the positive effect this will have on your bottom line. This includes a realistic analysis of payback periods.

Some typical examples of projects include:

  • Variable speed drive fitment
  • Power factor correction
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Maximum demand optimisation
  • Automatic load shedding
  • Shadow billing

Our team is excited by the possibilities that come from an energy efficiency assessment and strive to ensure that theoretical savings translate into a better bottom line for your business. Whatever the project, Insight Engineering will work with you from the design and drafting phase right through to commissioning. We can also train your employees on the use of the new equipment, and fully support it over its life cycle with ongoing engineering support.