MES system development

Transforming data into comprehensible information can be crucial to business operations. A well-designed and implemented Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the best way to turn data into knowledge. At Insight Engineering, we specialise in MES system development, creating systems that accurately and efficiently gather and interpret specific plant information.

Our team of engineers are fluent and experienced with major MES system development. We have the qualifications and skills required to build a fully integrated MES system to suit client needs and requirements. The aim of our MES system development is to help clients turn data into knowledge by integrating an intuitive and productive system, capturing process and machine data to help better run your plant.

MES principles and Ignition MES software packages, provided and implemented by Insight Engineering, offer wide-ranging functionality benefits for plant operation. Insight Engineering’s MES system development can improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce machine downtime. OEE is a product of three plant factors, availability, performance and quality, and is presented as a percentage. The calculation provides an indication about the current efficiency of a machine, production run or even an entire facility.

Effective MES system development allows operators to see a production line’s OEE, which empowers them with actionable data that can help managers reduce operation cost, increase asset utilisation and boost operating efficiency that results in improved profitability.

Another benefitĀ of effective MES system development by Insight Engineering is statistical process control (SPC) which uses automated and manual collection of sample data in clear and concise graphs and charts for analysis. Recipe management is another powerful tool of a MES, enabling your team to expertly build, manage and monitor recipes with the Ignition Recipe/Changeover module. This is ideal for quickly and accurately changing machine, process or system recipes.

Track and Trace is another handy module that can be added to the Ignition platform during MES system development. This will give your system the capability to look up where any product has been in its manufacturing process, and where it is now. Track and Trace is a paperless and fully integrated solution which also allows you to access genealogy data, set up unified operator interfaces such as SCADA and HMI, other MES, RTU and telemetry and more, as well as serialisation of items and sub-assemblies.

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