RTU & telemetry systems development

Insight Engineering’s expertise in RTU systems development (remote terminal unit) and telemetry systems development simplifies the process of choosing and implementing the right systems for our clients.

An RTU transmits telemetry data between physical objects and systems such as a Distributed Control System (DCS) and SCADA systems. Our qualified electrical engineers are experts with major brands of RTU systems and telemetry systems including Kingfisher, Miri Technologies and Schneider Electric.

Effective telemetry and RTU systems allow users to keep track of and control field operations across vast facilities. RTU solutions are available in a range of forms, with strong communication to the central SCADA system.

Insight Engineering’s knowledge and skills with telemetry systems development and RTU systems development means we can design and implement systems to suit clients’ needs and requirements. We offer professional advice on telemetry systems and brand choice, based on our experience. We can also make platform agnostic choices for clients, based on what is best for them or integrate with existing systems and use familiar hardware

At Insight Engineering, we have extensive experience with telemetry systems development and RTU systems development for industry sectors such as water and wastewater, and implementing common communication protocols such as DNP3 and DNP3 secure.

Our telemetry systems development and RTU systems development package services include full electrical engineering drafting and design services, training and ongoing engineering support.

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