Engineering risk assessment contractors

Engineering risk assessments contractors

Insight Engineering recognises that safety of staff and customers is paramount to the success of any type of business. As engineering risk assessment contractors, we can provide clients with the tools to create a safe and secure facility.

Our skilled and qualified team can carry out meticulous assessments at your facility ensuring your engineering safety systems and electrical safety systems adhere to Australian standards.

During the engineering risk assessment process we will;

  • Conduct a risk assessment of your facility and the machinery within
  • Ensure compliance with applicable Australian standards
  • Provide a plan for remedial works
  • Make recommendations for ongoing reviews based on the age, size and production of your facility

Once the audit is complete, Insight Engineering will assist you to ensure remedial works undertaken are compliant to applicable Australian standards. The experienced Insight Engineering team offers you peace of mind that you are providing the best possible electrical safety systems and engineering safety systems are in place for your staff.

Engineering hazard identification checks

Hazard identification and removal can be vital in the workplace, not only for the health and safety of employees for the day-to-day operation of your business. As engineering risk assessment contractors, Insight Engineering is the best team to call for engineering hazard identification checks at your workplace.

Statutory requirements are often complex and intimidating. They are also a necessity in the modern day business. WorkSafe inspections can also create an unexpected task list which must be addressed within given time frames. Insight Engineering will work with you to guide you through the entire process. On your behalf we will consult with all relevant stakeholders to conduct a risk assessments and engineering hazard identification checks.

We then compile results and recommendations that are supported by thorough technical data. Outcomes from this process can include design changes. Insight Engineering specialises in this field and will work with your firm to determine the best solution. We can provide electrical engineering drafting and electrical engineering design services, as well as ongoing engineering support for all of the systems deemed necessary by the risk assessment.

If you have an in-house team that can manage some or all of the above, we will consult only on those you require additional assistance.

The end result of an engineering risk assessment and engineering hazard identification check will be engineering safety systems and electrical safety systems that comply with all relevant Australia standards, for machine safety and are operator-friendly to use. You are then free to focus on other aspects of your business to ensure future growth and development.

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