SCADA systems development

At Insight Engineering, we understand that time is money when it comes to operating a business, and data acquisition is one of the prerequisites of a fully integrated, efficient system. Our experience and skills in SCADA systems development (supervisory control and data acquisition) allows operators and managers to organise, control and monitor work flows. Insight Engineering’s SCADA systems development provides a fully customised and interactive computer interface which;

  • Tracks usability, production and functionality issues
  • Raises alarms, analyses and isolates technical problems
  • Increases productivity through recording and analysis of production data

Insight Engineering’s qualified and expert team has more than 20 years’ experience in SCADA systems development and HMI (human machine interfaces) development to a wide range of control systems. This may vary from specific systems requirements, or to improve systems efficiency upon our investigation and assessment.

To ensure we are always providing the best SCADA systems development solutions for our clients, we always use the most recent industry information. We also ensure we are keeping up to speed with potential future developments in order for our systems to cope with change.

SCADA systems we have used to date include but are not limited to:

  • CitectSCADA
  • ClearSCADA
  • FactoryTalk
  • Ignition
  • ProSoft
  • Wonderware

With such a variety of technologies available on the market today, Insight Engineering’s SCADA systems development specialists help clients find the most appropriate system for their needs. Our engineers have more than two decades’ experience in SCADA systems development and HMI systems development, specifying, designing, installing, configuring, programming and supporting industrial control systems. Their skills and experience ranges from PLC system development to multi-racked systems and RTU and telemetry systems development.