PLC systems development

A crucial aspect of most automation control systems is a programmable logic controller, or PLC. Insight Engineering has vast experience and expertise in PLC systems development across a wide range of industries.

In today’s business environment, knowledge is power. And through our premium PLC systems development, Insight Engineering provides clients with the opportunity to convert our resource into their capability. Choosing the correct PLC for the task is critical to short, medium and long-term project success. Functionality and cost effectiveness are the combination of the control system’s ability to:

  • Allow for future expansion and integration
  • Deliver operational efficiencies
  • Be easy to use and maintain over its lifetime

From Allen Bradley to GE Fanuc, Koyo and Siemens, Insight Engineering is able to guide you through the price and function matrix so you select the PLC control system to suit your needs.

Insight Engineering’s electrical engineers, technicians and draftsmen are highly trained in PLC systems development, design, programming and troubleshooting. We also provide ongoing engineering, in the form of ongoing engineering support and ongoing engineering design for all the PLC systems we develop. Our goal is to provide efficient and cost-effective PLC systems development that is user-friendly after the design and drafting phase.

Because technologies and industries are ever evolving, our PLC systems development service aims to create flexible and expandable systems. This will mean systems are able to handle future additional loads and expansions. Insight Engineering also has the capacity to update and upgrade existing and outdated PLC systems that can no longer meet the needs of current production control systems. Our PLC systems development service can improve the capacity of these systems through increased memory and power, improved diagnostics and updated communication. The benefits of such a PLC system upgrade will be widespread and clients will avoid replacement costs, have less downtime, increased productivity and product quality.

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