Staff Highlights For The 2020 Year

December 18, 2020

As the year is almost over, as a team we reflected on some of the highlights of what has been an otherwise testing year.

Frank became a Nonno to two beautiful granddaughters he is absolutely besotted about. Frank also took great joy in having extra flexibility of working at home – at the computer wearing only jocks with no one on ZOOM calls any the wiser.

Richard took great pride in building his shed before Mark. He also has enjoyed watching his grandson Asher grow into a soon to be 1 year-old full of personality.

Howard found happiness in building his first investment property, and a new love for Bunnings.

John enjoyed the sights on a work trip to Saudi Arabia. He made it home with two days to spare before the March quarantine lockdowns began.

Bryce felt similarity to John about his working trip to Dubai, making it home just in the nick of time! (Pity about the overseas holiday he had to cancel…)

Meanwhile Sam actually enjoyed an overseas holiday to Hawaii in February.

Mark is most excited that the year is almost over! He has also constructed a ginormous shed at home, which will be amazing.

Luke and Tom Bieser both officially graduated during this eventful year. And Luke enjoyed watching the Tigers win another Grand Final.

Anneleise has been excited to start in the office, working with a great team of people. Anneleise also became an Aunty to Oliver in the last few weeks of 2020.

Tim became an uncle for the first time and is excited to have recently purchased a block of land… let the fun begin!

Tom Beard has enjoyed settling into life as a family of four since Eloise arrived. He may have used Covid to his advantage with some exciting investment opportunities.

Ben reveled in extra family time over lockdown and the additional flexibility of working from home. There was also a week there where he wore an eye patch, thanks to a little incident with the kids, but having a Pirate in the house added to the fun of 2020!

Kylie’s already enjoying so many special moments in her new home which has been a long time in the making!

And to complete the year Chrissy with partner Jason were delighted to have welcomed their first newborn Thomas (Tommy) James Di Martino earlier in December.